IPV(Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine)

Strength: 0.5ml/Bottle, 0.5/Dose

Dosage From: Liquid

Dosage and Administration: I.M injection is recommended. The best injection site for newbrorns is central anterior lateral thigh while the best injection site for children is the deltoid area of the upper arm.

3 doses for fundamental immunity. Initial immunization begins from 2 months old, lasts for 3 consecutive times at an interval of at least 1 month. Have another immunization for strengthening at 18 months old.

Therapeutic Indication: Body is activated with immunity against poliovirus after vaccination. It can be used to prevent poliomyelitis caused by poliomyelitis I virus, poliomyelitis II virus and poliomyelitis III virus.



Precautions when using:

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